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Web site design firm, didilogix.com, was founded by Didi Barnes in 1998 as a result of her love of playing with codes, ideas, images and information.

Didi had previously offered graphic design and corporate image services as part of her previous (accountancy) business and it seemed an obvious progression to learn the code that underpins web pages - HTML. This Didi did by playing around in a text editor in the early days of the web when there was no such thing as Internet Explorer and NCSA Mosaic was the browser to use - and there were few manuals around either!

The result? Didi got hooked and set up her web design business, didilogix.com in 1998. Over the years, her playing embraced JavaScript, Java, CSS and the other various languages that may be used to enhance HTML for providing the "look and feel" of a web page as displayed on your screen. When HTML editors such as Dreamweaver began to emerge, Didi began to experiment with those too, but she was so much in the habit of coding in Notepad that to this day she still tends to hand-code her web sites.

One reason for hand coding web sites is that Didi wanted to design high-quality, bespoke sites for clients that did not have the "templatey" feel that is evident with many sites, the programmers of which use the many code templates that are now available. Indeed, the majority of the web sites on the portfolio page were written simply using Windows Notepad!

Apart from the template issue, didilogix.com was also born out of Didi's frustration at the way in which many web sites appear to be constructed in a manner that adds credence to the old idea that there exists a dichotomy between the technical/logical (left brain), and the creative/imaginitive (right brain) - that they are mutually exclusive. She decided she wanted to offer a web design service that instead results in a "symbiosis of creativity and logic" - web sites that are visually creative and that complement the colours and themes of an organisation, but that also have a logical, user-friendly interface resulting in "designing web sites that speak for themselves...".

Didi has the high IQ type of autism known as Asperger's Syndrome. This meant she was a bright, but shy youngster and found the more socially conventional means of self-expression difficult. She was bullied at school for being a "nerd/geek". A kind art mistress came to Didi's rescue, encouraging her to express herself through art and this transformed Didi's life.

Didi has therefore a great desire to share her passion for the web by helping those that might wish to make their own mark upon the global "canvas" that the world wide web provides. The result was Didi's HTML tutorial which you will find on this site - if you want to build your own web site, check it out! You will also find loads of useful web design links on the Useful Links page.

Didi no longer runs didilogix.com - she has since year 2001 worked as a partner of the Internet security firm, First Base Technologies. She has nevertheless kept a brief version of this web site going so that people can access the HTML tutorial and she also uses it - and the portfolio page - as part of her CV.

Didi Barnes is a member of:
The International Webmasters Association The HTML Writers Guild

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